In 2007 WS Building & Project management were contracted by us to build a winery on our property in the Southern highlands.

The project was finished on time in April 2008, quite remarkable given the opportunity he had to extend due to inclement weather.

Roy & I have been involved in building serveral properties over many years and have experienced both the good and bad of the industry.

Our experience withe Werner and his team of sub contractors was certainly one of the better ones.

Werner was very much "hands on" which, for us was reassuring knowing that he was on site and personally supervising the whole project.

Nothing was too much trouble and every detail was professionally handled.

The whole project was conducted without a cross word between ourselves and Werner, making the process as seamless as possible.

The final result was great and the few warranty issues we had were promptly attended to.

We would not hesitate to recomment Werner for any project which he should tender for and would be happy to provide a telephone reference if desired.

kind regards,
Cindy & Roy Manassen